Bigg Boss 15: Do you feel that the whole show is revolving around Tejasswi Prakash and Shamita Shetty? Vote Now


Bigg Boss 15 is turning out to be rather boring. There seem to be three main reasons for the same. The contestants look rather image-conscious and are continuously in the game mode. Moreover, some of them are not getting any visibility. Thirdly, their imagination and drive to win is rather low. Another interesting thing is the presence of the two women, Tejasswi Prakash and Shamita Shetty. Both of them are leading the house though it does not come across very evidently. The game of the other contestants seem to revolve around the two. While Shamita Shetty is sought after as an advisor by many, Tejasswi Prakash has been part of the plotting and planning since day one. She has been one of the most active members of the Jungle waasis.
Tejasswi Prakash is one of the contestants who is more clued in than the others. While some of her decisions might not have been very brilliant, she is more aware than others. Shamita is also the leader of the Bigg Boss OTT. Karan Kundrra has tried to be the leader of the junglewaasis and mobilise them but it is evident that it too revolves around Shamita Shetty and Tejasswi Prakash. There is a semi-romantic angle going on with Tejasswi while he has said that he likes Shamita too.
Even Salman Khan pointed out in the weekend ka vaar that the men only seem to listen to either Tejasswi Prakash or Shamita Shetty. The only person who does not follow them is Pratik Sehajpal. And somehow he has come across as the lone wolf of Bigg Boss 15. Take our poll and let us know if you feel the same way….

The two ladies are coming across strongly and getting immense screen time on the show. Do you feel they are dominating the show in reality?