Bigg Boss 15: Do you feel that Jay Bhanushali was being stupid in his stand over the prize money? Vote Now


Bigg Boss 15 is turning out to be a rather unusual season. From the jungle concept to shocking eliminations, the makers are put in a mix of different elements. The latest one was a task where people could go inside in three steps but it meant that prize money of the winner would be deducted. Jay Bhanushali refused to do the task. He said that he could sacrifice anything but not the money of someone. Jay Bhanushali said that the lockdown has been very hard on people, and he had seen people struggling to earn even Rs 10K. Many people him that they got his sentiment but were confident that makers would give a chance to redeem the lost cash.
Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash also said that they would compensate the person who lost the cash. That was also a very weird statement. Social media felt that Jay Bhanushali was being a loser. This is what fans tweeted…

Aaj muze #JayBhanushali sahi laga… Uski marji use nhi karna tha 7 lakh waste…. #BB15 ke ghar me sirf 2 bande hai #PratikSehajpal n Jay ki #KaranKundrra ke baton me nhi aa rhe… n karan ne inke khilaf apni army utari hai.. Inko wrong proof karne me lg rhe but 1/2

Narendra Gaidhane? ?? (@NRGaidhane) October 21, 2021

#JayBhanushali in today’s task you really looked stupid… May be your opinion is right but still… actually the fact is ap revenge liya ha capacity task ka…but for you #PratikSehajpal ko suffer karna pada… Which is very wrong & unfair too…

Ankita Kundu (@ankitakundu158) October 21, 2021

Exactly, #JayBhanushali has it’s own reasons and he is fighting for that, which is correct

Devesh (@getupbruh) October 21, 2021

I felt genuinely so low today
How can they justify by saying it’s his karma
Are o insaan insabke bawajud vi much nehi bol raha
The way #JayBhanushali hold him from behind I could see the haplessness , the frustration inside him.
Literally crying ???#PratikFam

. (@akira_mehjabeen) October 21, 2021

#JayBhanushali If you wanted to play principle principle wala game then why did u choose #BiggBoss15 ? You are spoiling #PratikSehajpal game. Your mind is so closed n rigid! Trying to save the prize amount but allowing your friends to go in!You lost your plot man!

Bindu Jacob (@BinduJac) October 21, 2021

We can see that many are upset with him for ruining the game of Pratik Sehajpal. Tomorrow, we will see the last leg of this task. What do you feel about his actions. Take the poll and let us know…