Bigg Boss 15, Day 39, Twitter Reactions: ‘Perfect for each other’ Fans cannot stop rooting for #ShaRa post Shamita Shetty-Raqesh Bapat’s romantic date


Bigg Boss 15’s day 39 was all about love. We have already seen Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat’s bond in Bigg Boss OTT. Raqesh entered Bigg Boss 15 recently and once again we all got to witness the beautiful story of #ShaRa. Today, Bigg Boss arranged a romantic date for Raqesh Bapat and Shamita Shetty. Shamita and Raqesh enjoyed their date night, glancing into each other’s eyes. The two eventually broke into a romantic dance and Shamita planted a kiss on his cheek. Shamita and Raqesh even declared that this is their second official date. This beautiful moment between them was loved by the audience. People cannot stop rooting for #ShaRa. They have called Shamita-Raqesh a perfect couple and want them to confess their feelings. Fans are in awe of their beautiful bond. Take a look at the tweets here:

Perfect for Each other #ShaRa ? ?

?? ShaRaEternallyYours ?? (@cindrellaaa999) November 9, 2021


Thy are Soooo Adorable ? ? ? #ShaRa

?? ShaRaEternallyYours ?? (@cindrellaaa999) November 9, 2021


Love them #ShaRa #ShamitaShetty #RaqeshBapat

SHAMITA STAN ? (@Shamita_vibes) November 9, 2021


I believe this quote is for #ShaRa as sham brought alot of changes in @RaQesh19 life in a very positive way and they both love each other and will stay forever @ShamitaShetty @RaQesh19 @SunandaShetty5 #shaRa #shaRaforever ? ?

Suvansh Bhatia (@iamSuvansh) November 9, 2021


The only reason I joined Twitter..was to support #ShaRa . I am in total awe of #Raqesh and #Shamita.
And to be a part to trends.. But by God the amount of hatred and negativity in unfathomable
Some people are so insensitive and have Zero regard for humanity..
Will Quit Twitter

Winisha (@Winisha171) November 9, 2021


Best only #shara

Himanshu Kushwah (@LalaKushwah5) November 9, 2021


#ShaRa ruling hearts! #RaqeshBapat #ShamitaShetty

Green Eyes?? (@Rose13_Greeneye) November 9, 2021


No connection can be as pure as #Shara.

Geetanjali Parhi (@GeetanjaliParhi) November 9, 2021


#ShaRa #ShamitaShetty #RaqeshBapat everyday day, any day ?

Daniya.A (@Daniya_s_asad) November 9, 2021


Always #ShaRa

Moon_Pari14?? (@Moon_Pari14) November 9, 2021


Yes, they are magical together ?.
Both completes each other so beautifully #ShaRa

?ShaRa? (@sharaxinfinity) November 9, 2021