Bigg Boss 15, Day 38, Twitter Reactions: ‘So pure and organic’ Fans cannot stop gushing over Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra’s bond


Bigg Boss 15’s day 38 was full of drama. At the beginning of the episode, we saw Tejasswi Prakash was hurt and upset with the clip shown during the weekend ka vaar episode. It created a drift between Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra. Karan tried to make Tejasswi understand about the circumstances during which, he said that ‘Tejasswi ko mere khairaat ki zarurat hai’ but she refused to hear him out and said that he makes it look as though she is his girlfriend and has an issue with him talking to Shamita Shetty, which isn’t the case. Tejasswi tries to make him understand that his actions make it look like she is judging his relationships with everyone else. Their arguments go and Tejasswi decides to play alone and not be around Karan.
She looked hurt and upset while Karan kept making her understand. Later at night, they clear out their differences. Karan tells her that she always shoos him away whenever he tries to sort out their differences. Tejasswi, on the other hand, says that just when she feels things are going great between the two, something happens and they go back to being strangers. She tells him that had it been someone else, she would have never spoken to that person but because it’s him, she forgets and moves ahead. Karan also asks Tejasswi if she likes him as a friend, and she says yes. Karan Kundrra tells Tejasswi that he cares for her and she should never doubt or question his intentions towards her. This beautiful conversation between them won hearts of the audience who cannot stop rooting for #TejRan.

#KaranKundrra is a best BF ever i have much mature n understandable..he knows how to clam down her..
n ppl say he has aggression#TejasswiPrakash- u r my solace here,im dependent on u..
pls dono lado mat,hume heartattack aa jate hain

Opsora (@Being_romeli) November 8, 2021


Him feeding her?, hands on cheeks? playing with hair?clean her face ?eating From the same bowl ? Means everything is fine ? There bond feels jst so pure and organic and so so real ?? #TejRan

TejRan ?? (@TejRanShipper18) November 7, 2021


#TejRan see the BLUSH…on her face

TejRan Is Love (@JustTejran) November 8, 2021


she’s going through that monthly bout of pain and he is:

*Preparing relief bag during cramps
*Coming to see her while doing utensils
*Making sure if water bottle is still hot or not
If this isn’t *love* then what else could be? Isn’t he adorable?#TejRan
Aabish (@Aabish_creation) November 8, 2021


With the right person , you don’t have to work so hard to be happy . It just happens ..
I never thought anyone would ever make me smile , laugh , and capture my heart as fast as they have ..#TejRan

Tejran Magic? (@choco_mirchi) November 8, 2021


her hand his shirt,okay.??#TejRan

s. (@tejranbabies) November 8, 2021


She is on her periods and he is trying every way to pamper her

(@_realchaitanya_) November 8, 2021


Thee first thingg she did was hugg her solace????

T (@taareginx) November 8, 2021


Look their cute little tiff! I’m smiling and blushing at the same time!?Miesha hoti toh mujhe boht sunati for being insensitive enough and laughing while two people are arguing!??#TejRan

TejRan (@TejRan_universe) November 8, 2021


She knows that he is rare…so don’t worry she won’t let him go. Kundriii sirf Teja ka hi hai aur hamesha rahega.#TejRan

Smiley Sharma?(TEJRAN FANGIRL) (@TejRan_talks) November 8, 2021