Bigg Boss 15, Day 12, Twitter Reactions: #DonalBisht trends on twitter, netizens say ‘She is the only one who is a lone warrior’


Today’s episode of Bigg Boss 15 was full of drama, aggression and verbal spats! The contestants who seem to be justifying their animal tags start pouncing on each other after the task bell rings after specific intervals. But in today’s episode, we saw how Donal Bisht and Miesha Iyer got into an argument where the latter alleged that Donal hurted her with her nails and she also blamed Donal for pulling her hair. Donal who did not retaliate even Miesha charged at her in a fit of rage, went to the bathroom area and got emotional and said that ‘I did not pull her hair’ to Karan. Karan Kundrra too tried to pacify her and asked her to calm down. Donal even asked Karan to check her nails. She said she does not have that big nails which can hurt someone. Donal who has emerged stronger in all the situations is being backed by the netizens who stood up for the actress and called her genuine and strong. They also slammed Miesha for her hostile behaviour towards Donal. People feel Donal is the one woman army and is being unnecessarily targetted in the house. Take a look at the tweets below :

Guys What Is This Meisha doing To Donal and Nobody Stand For Donnal How Is This Rude
Shame On You MEisha physical Hona Ka Liya #DonalBisht Stay Strong

umnal.fc (@AmnaMahnoor7) October 12, 2021


I thought she will Villain of this season but damn she is just completely opposite ?#DonalBisht #Biggboss15 #BB15

? ? (@MercurialMess_) October 14, 2021


Some of the ppl have pre judgement about #donalbisht
she’s the gem that shines.She don’t fake it to make it. She will make you like her@BiggBoss

Donal Matters? (@donalisluv) October 9, 2021


Y is everyone hating her so much?? I didn’t even knew her pehle se!! Show me bhi she isn’t noticable..but today I saw ppl r not liking her inside the bb house..what has she done????#DonalBisht

Pratahkaal 2 baje ?? (@Masumi87761969) October 14, 2021


I can appreciate #UmarRiaz standing up for #DonalBisht and staying firm she didn’t do it. And he even hugged her at the end? stop THEYRE so cuteeee

sara (@saratae123) October 14, 2021


I hope Donal gets the highest votes and then Salman in WKW announces that Donal is the highest voted contestant of this week. Wanna see the reactions of Mean boys and girls to this. ? #DonalBisht

Anushka mehta (@Anushka01638989) October 14, 2021


??hope you’re doing great .#DonalBisht #Donal #umnal #BiggBoss15

Riya (@Dina54960) October 14, 2021


#DonalBisht didn’t hurt anyone deliberately however Vishal And gang were talking how they vented their anger on #DonalBisht #DonalBisht in the task by injuring her

Arshi? (@anamikarav94) October 14, 2021


#DonalBisht seems like a sweet person but the blunder she is doing is that she keeps opening up with & trusting the same people who make fun of her behind her back, #KaranKundrra, #VidhiPandya #UmarRiaz etc. #BiggBoss15

Nikki Tamboli Fans (@nikkitambolifns) October 14, 2021


Yes #TejaswiPrakash is biggest manipulator of bb 15. Now neutral audience is voting for #DonalBisht who play alone like lone warrior.

Fatima Malik (@FatimaM54751772) October 14, 2021


This is a clear sign that she outstands- she’s different than them all..#DonalBisht

Xavier S (@Xavier4India) October 14, 2021