Bigg Boss 15, Day 10, Twitter Reactions: ‘Shame on you’ Fans slam Jay Bhanushali for abusing Pratik Sehajpal again and again


Bigg Boss 15’s day 10 was full of action and we saw so many heated arguments in the house today. The day began with a new task where the ‘Junglewasis’ turn into terrifying daakus. The task was called ‘Daaku Ka Kabza’, which has many challenging layers. If the junglewasis win they will get 30 pieces of the pathway. But if they lose all the pieces they have got until now will also be taken away. They are divided into 5 levels. Shamita, Pratik and Nishant have to kill the junglewasis level by level. Vishal is the head of the daakus and Tejasswi is his wife. Karan and Jay are their right and left hands. The way to kill the daakus is only known by the main house people. Hence, the junglewasis begin to plan things and win the task by keeping the main house people away from each other.
Karan and Jay block Nishant and keep Shamita-Pratik away from him. However, Shamita tries to free Nishant but gets hurts. Shamita also gets hurt in the game as Karan and Jay do not leave Nishant. Later Bigg Boss asks the housemates to stop the game as he wants to explain a lot of things regarding the game. During that time Shamita shows Pratik how much she got hurt and is bleeding. Pratik calls the jungleswasis irritating. He tells them they do not know how to play. He goes to the jungle indoor area and shouts at the junglewasis. He looks at Jay and shouts as Jay was near Shamita. Jay tells him he did not hurt Shamita but Pratik goes on fighting. Their argument begins and they shout at each other. Jay abuses Pratik again and uses a bad word during the argument. Pratik gets angry but Shamita and Nishant take him away. Pratik breaks down as he cannot hear bad words about his mother. The housemates also make Jay understand he shouldn’t have given a bad word. Fans also have not liked what Jay said and are ashamed with his behaviour. Take a look at the tweets:

I could nit stop my tears when #Pratik cried @magicaldiarie . Fuck you #JayBhanushali .. dont you have a mother ? @BeingSalmanKhan plz watch episodes before bashing anyone n stop favoring ppl like #JayBhanushali .. #BiggBoss15

MojoGill (@MojogillK) October 12, 2021


As much as I thought #PratikSehajpaI will be irritating contestant in #BiggBoss15 but sorry to say #JayBhanushali you’re the most irritating. You let the world to see ur real personality.??Shame on urself for ur profanity. I don’t think u have the winning quality. #BB15

Lady Shukla? (@imrealsunshine) October 12, 2021


He’s the strongest guy in the house but is not afraid to show his emotions regarding the things that truly matter to him like his family.?
A True Champ #JayBhanushali is a complete package of toxicity and ego. the true villain of today’s episode.

Syed Ali Muhammad Uraidhi Hussain. (@uraidhi6) October 12, 2021


Shame on #JayBhanushali @nikkitamboli asked who is Jay ? Ans is -Maa bhen ki galiyan dena wala idiot#PratikSehajpal stay strong buddy.

no weed ?? (@hattpenchod) October 12, 2021


I just want to slap #JayBhanushali ?

nomi1987 (Riazbrothers??#AsimSquad #UmarArmy (@nomi19871) October 12, 2021


Omgwadd #JayBhanushali is cheap ! He’s keeps swearing and bringing #PratikSehajpal mum into their arguments! Zero class man #BB15

S -S-Kaur-Hayer5 ? (@sarina_no1) October 12, 2021


You can criticize #PratikSehajpaI for whatever he has done but In today’s episode he wasn’t wrong. If some is not abusing u, u cannot Abuse them. #JayBhanushali is clear example of twitter pe gyan dena aur ghar mei hug dena. Koi aur hota 2 gali deke muh bandh kr deta#BiggBoss15

Kanik Sharma (@motortanki08) October 12, 2021


Galti se pratik per click kiya #jaybhanushali can F off really . Stay Strong Pratik

Asin02 (@Asin216) October 12, 2021


#BiggBoss15 Se Pahle jay ko Bohot accha Anchor, Actor Smjhta Tha. Lekin #JayBhanushali Toh Sadak chap Pehchaan Dikha Rha Hai..

Prit (@Storyteller_pri) October 12, 2021


#JayBhanushali is wrong today Pratik sabko Suna raha thaaa sirf Jay ko nhii usko koi haq nhi banta Pratik ko gali dene kaa

kingkundrra #karankundrra (@sadhna_sunshine) October 12, 2021


Feeling bad for #PratikSehajpal
Koi bhi apni maa k liye ye sab sunn nhi skta…
Jay ???#BiggBoss15 #JayBhanushali

? Ilu ? (@IramKhan724) October 12, 2021