About Mining


    Exploration, development and administration of existing mineral potential of the district to ensure optimum, secured and sustainable utilization of  mineral resources for the socio-economic development of the people of Hazaribag under strict environmental safe guard.


    • Intensive and extensive exploration to prove   the reserves of mineral resources by application of state of the art technology.
    • Development of the mineral resources of the State.
    • Creation of the data base related to mineral resources and mining activities in the state for taking precise decision of investment in the mineral sector.
    • Value addition and end use of minerals in the State.
    • Creation of direct and indirect employment in mineral sector for the weaker section and common people of the state.
    • Administration of mines and mineral concession.
    • Enforcement measures for prevention of illegal mining.
    • Collection of mining revenue, formulation of laws to monitor mineral exploitation and provide congenial environment for the establishment of mineral based industries in the State.