A Bold New Voice on Broadway


Keenan Scott II, Thoughts of a Colored Man, playwright
Keenan Scott II got his start in performing as a slam poet. “Ever since the moment I first felt the captivating energy of a live audience, I knew it had me forever,” he says. “Live theater can transport a person unlike any other medium of art.” This October, his play Thoughts of a Colored Man, about seven Black men on a single day in Brooklyn, will open at the Golden Theatre on Broadway. “I wanted to create a contemporary story where I saw myself and my community,” he adds of the piece which features spoken word, slam and rhythm. As for making his Broadway debut, “It’ll just feel good to see live performances again in the theater,” Scott says. “But the rehearsal room is where all the magic happens.”
Tickets for Thoughts of a Colored Man are on sale here. 

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