8 people you must have to make your business a success

The dictionary describes a cabinet as a council advising a president or sovereign especially a group of ministers or executives responsible for the government of a nation.
A PassionProfit cabinet serves the same purpose with the exception that they are an advisory board or sounding board and are not responsible of the decisions you make. A business requires many skills and you will not always have all of them. Instead of trying to acquire all the skills you can engage other professionals and agree on compensation. I use the word compensation lightly. It doesn’t always have to be money. You can trade skills or pay their meal. On terms of engagement, be flexible and make your own rules. If you network strategically it will be easier to set up your business. Some of the people you can consider are:
A mentor
Someone who is excelling in your industry and is willing to meet with you at least once a month. He/she should ensure that you are not steering off course. The mentor needs to be in the same field as you. He/she should not to view you as a threat or competitor.
Sales & marketing genius
Many entrepreneurs are absorbed with their product or service and assume that everyone will like it. However, the sales and marketing guru can help you determine your unique selling proposition, how you can market it and help you come up with a sales and marketing strategy. This will ensure that you are making targeted hits that bring in money.
The PR queen or king
This person will help you position your product or service appropriately. He/she will guide you on the networking events, conferences or expos available which align with your company. The more people know, like and use your product the more referrals you are likely to get. This cannot happen with you sitting behind your computer, you will need to get out and the PR queen or king can come to your rescue.
The numbers guy or gal
Like it or not, business is all about the numbers making sense. At the beginning, entrepreneurs don’t pay too much attention on how they set up accounting systems whereby it can later disrupt the operations of the organization. The numbers guy or gal will be able to help you make sense of the numbers and keep you safe with KRA.
The talent manager
This person can help you with the hiring process. He/she will know where to find the best talent, how to interview, on-boarding new hires, off-boarding wrong hires and developing employee policies and procedures.
IT geek
Having a website is no longer a luxury but a necessity. The first thing people do when they engage with you is “Google” you. It is understandable that not all of us enjoy the wonder of the World Wide Web; however that is no excuse not to have a website and some social media presence. The IT Geek can help you set up what is most appropriate for your organization and help you manage your presence on the Internet.
A strategist
This person is normally good at writing concept papers, proposals and business plans. You will need all these at some point in your business and having a strategist in your cabinet is necessary.
A lawyer
Getting an experienced lawyer on-board will mitigate potential harm you on your business. A lawyer will help you define the different business relationships therefore it is important to find one conversant with commercial law and who is not too familiar with you so that you can take his/her counsel seriously.


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