24 Hours With Lawless Beauty Founder


It has become common knowledge that in order to execute the ultimate makeup routine, skincare comes first. From double cleansing to moisturizing and hydrating, a good daily (and nightly) skincare regimen will give you the best canvas to apply all your favorite beauty products on. This marriage of skincare and makeup has helped put a much brighter spotlight on clean beauty over the last few years. No one wants to risk ruining their flawless skincare routine with less-than-amazing makeup. So, ingredients, production and packaging have all become top priority for brands like Ilia Beauty, Tata Harper and Saie when creating makeup products. Annie Lawless, CEO and founder of clean beauty brand Lawless Beauty, grew up with a focus on ingredients after she was diagnosed with Celiac disease. “Once I removed gluten from my diet, my eczema completely cleared up and that was a huge moment for me. I began to really care about ingredients and what I was putting on my skin and in my body,” Lawless says.
Since launching in 2017, Lawless Beauty has created a roster of stellar clean makeup products such as the Forget The Filler Lip Plumping Line Smoothing Gloss and silicone-free Set The Stage Hydrating Priming Serum that allow consumers to enjoy pigment and performance without giving up quality. “I love makeup as much as I love clean ingredients so Lawless is the marriage of that. It is what you expect in great, artistry level makeup, without ingredients you don’t want on your skin and packed with skin-loving ingredients that you do,” Lawless says.
The brand’s latest launch is the Conseal The Deal Modern Full Coverage Foundation, made with Nasturtium Flower Extract, Goji Berry and Bisabolo & Ginger Extracts to protect, soothe and smooth skin. Lawless applies the foundation directly onto her skin and uses the Lawless Beauty foundation brush to buff the product out. “If I feel I have applied too much, or simply want a more blended and seamless finish, I then go over my application with my lightly damp beauty sponge to soak up any excess products, press the foundation into my skin, and smooth out any brush strokes. This is a great trick for making any foundation look more skin-like!”

Conseal The Deal Modern Full Coverage Foundation

As a busy mom and CEO, Lawless describes her lifestyle as clean but also balanced. “I absolutely live a clean lifestyle, but I am not militant! I want to enjoy my life without needing to sacrifice the efficacy of the products that I use. I approach Lawless in this same way. I develop clean makeup for the makeup girl, which is myself.”
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