Sunday, January 20, 2019
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A new short film, done by Parineeti Chopra with a meaningful message. A short film based on true love between a mother and her child, which shows that every mother has a special emotional bond and care with its child.

“Dor” describes the feeling of love with your near ones. We always run for our betterment, sometimes we forgate about our dear ones and leave them and move ahead for the better future. This story describes the pain of a mother where Michael takes Ria in flashback to explain that phase when mother feel this pain.


“Mein sirf ladies ko hi le ja sakta hun…Mera majnoo manmohan singh ban gaya hai” says a rikshawala. An amazing story of the auto riksha driver who talks about equality in India but forgets to follow it.

He neglects someone and refuses the give a ride on his riksha and from that day his riksha does not allow to give ride males on it and gets started only a female commuter ask to go. Our society always talks about the equality and ask to follow but we all forget about transgenders who also want the equality in society.

A huge thank to Humara Movie  bring an amazing concept of a auto riksha to drag our attention towards this gender’s equality.


Did you know that there are 60 million child workers in India? That is just about 3 times the population of Australia. The funny thing is that all of it happens right before our eyes and we do absolutely nothing. Please. Do not keep quiet. Be it the chotu who serves you tea at work or thegudiya who carries bags of cement on her tiny back; speak up and put an end to this menace. Stop snatching smiles from this world.


In India, a woman is sexually assaulted every three minutes and raped every 20 minutes. However, many Indian women are afraid to speak up, fearing retribution from the very same monsters who abused them, and harsh judgement from an insensitive society.

A recent short film by Pooja Batura that&rsquos making waves around the internet is telling them to do exactly the opposite. The film is simply titled &ldquoBol&rdquo and captures the different kinds of sexual abuse an Indian woman suffers from during her lifetime, from child abuse to work place harassment to marital rape.  The message is clear and simple, “The more you talk, the less it will happen.”