Sunday, January 20, 2019
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Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.

by :-Norman Vincent Peale

In this video , a man who has no hands ;gives such a beautiful  lesson that we must believe in our self. He talked about his life that when he was a child,his parents told him that although  you are little bit different from others  but it doesn’t mean that  you can’t do anything. They told him that you can do everything  whom anybody can do. There might  be different ways   of  doing work but that  doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve your goal .Just think positive and focus on your goal then nobody can’t stop to get success in your life


Do you want to be Indian super hero? Then watch this video and follow these real life heroes who paid only 10 rupees and become an example to others in our society. Come ahead and you also be an Ideal for our generation.

Pay only 10 rupees and become the next super hero of India, fight against corruption with RTI – Right To Information. How many of you know about RTI or ever used this powerful right against any thing wrong. We all Indians have the right to know about the working, process, status , functionality etc of Government and can oppose any thing which is not going in right way.


I still cry every night. I still walk in the door calling for you. I still call your phone. I still cant accept the fact that you both have gone. I’m staying strong, not because I want to, but because its all I have now. But if tears could bring you back Mom and Dad, I’d have enough to bring you back a thousand times.


In India, a woman is sexually assaulted every three minutes and raped every 20 minutes. However, many Indian women are afraid to speak up, fearing retribution from the very same monsters who abused them, and harsh judgement from an insensitive society.

A recent short film by Pooja Batura that&rsquos making waves around the internet is telling them to do exactly the opposite. The film is simply titled &ldquoBol&rdquo and captures the different kinds of sexual abuse an Indian woman suffers from during her lifetime, from child abuse to work place harassment to marital rape.  The message is clear and simple, “The more you talk, the less it will happen.”