Sunday, January 20, 2019
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I Never Thought A School Bag Can Solve A Problem That Even The Government Couldn’t

Salaam Baalak Trust in association with Cheil India,  designed a school bag with solar panels and LED lights

(80-90% of Delhi’s slum population have no access to electricity).The bag got charged when the children walked to school and at school.

An innovation that’s just perfect.


Sometimes complex tides in your life makes all your door closed, and you find no way to come out from there. You find only a way to end your life to get rid from that problem….but it is not a right solution of your problem.

We all should know that our life is not only belongs to us but belongs to your family, your parents. Sometime we find only one way to come out from the current situation, there might me many different reason behind of this, but think, “what about your family after you”. This story clearly says that mother’s love, the bonding between mother and child is the all above the world.

Watch the short film “Last note” by Sravan Dornal has a meaningful message at the end of it that “I won’t quit……!!”

“Holi” is a festival of colors and joy. Many colors red, green, blue, yellow…but what about them who can feel the joy but can not see the colors. What will be your answer when someone ask you “Rang kintne rang ke hote hai”.

In this very touching and emotional holi video, feel the joy of Indian festival, a hostel life and a message which will make you compelled to think about “Eye Donation”. Please donate your eyes today to Eye bank association of India so that a blind person can see the beauty of this world after you and can find his answer for “Hara rang kaisa hota hai”.


We all always say that humanity is dead in this worlds but this story will proof you wrong which says humanity is alive in human’s heart when it is needed. This story covers some incidents when a human come to save some unknowns.

This story combines multiple clips with same outcome that is human still comes ahead to help others once they need it and restores out faith in Humanity. We all are busy with our lives but we can not ignore a thing which out humanity not allow us, considering that people are selfish and nothing will change if i start doing for others but i will say that start giving from your side and you will forget that world is selfish.

Big hug respect for AmazingLife247 for spreading this beautiful message and restoring my faith in humanity agian.


What do think a school going kid can bring a change? This story says “Yes” because what he did is an inspiration for all of us to take always first step from our side, I feel every Indian should watch it and .

That day he proves that a first little step taken by us for right cause of our society will surely bring a big change and world will defiantly follow you. With beautiful script, perfect direction and cute act by little boy makes it a amazing story where we find when people forget their moral duty towards the society a little boy reminds them that nothing will move until we come together and take a right step. As Indian our hearts should beat together for our country, but we always need a wake up call.

In this inspirational advertisement, Hindustan Times says  “Tum Chalo To Hindustan Chale…!!”.

We’re all looking forward to the day when Google Glass becomes available to the world. But even before the product makes its way to Indian shores, an Indian story has already been captured and told using Glass. It’s a touching tale about one’s roots, mother’s love and the magic of family that you can’t help but smile at.

The fictional film, shot entirely on Google Glass, was created by alumni and students from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts as part of the Glass Creative Collective. According to them, it was their way of saying “Thank-You Mom.”

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes it’s priceless, as this budding photographer found out. An amateur photographer, with dreams to learn more, wrote to Sony asking them to help him know more about photography. The good folks at Sony arranged a session for him with the renowned photographer, Santosh Verma. After a long engrossing session he was given one advice by the man: just don’t click, shoot stories.

Watch this video where this young photographer found out that sometimes the most beautiful photographs are right in front of us.