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After Smartwatches & Google Glasses here comes Smartshoes which will guide you the right path to walk by giving vibrations using the Google map. Lechal SmartShoes been developed by India’s Ducere Technologies.

 Basic Functioning :

The shoes will be connected to our mobile Bluetooth to an app that pulls your path from Google Maps. The shoes vibrates to tell you which direction to turn in . A vibrating  right shoe means you have to go right. A vibrating left shoe means to go the other way.


The shoes were basically designed to help people with visual impairments navigate more effectively and easily , but the company’s founders soon recognized there could be a much wider market so they are adding additional features to it. Such as the shoes aspire to work as a wearable fitness monitor, tracking steps and calories burned.


We all want to do sky diving in our life to feel that trill which is a life time experience but these guys are doing something which takes my breath-out. Superb base jump from the world’s tallest building “Burj Khalifa”.

Which helped them to make a new world record. Many of us have been visited to see “Burj khalifa”, miracle of engineering but no one of us have been thing about the jump from its top, but they thought and did it successfully. See their faces in video which shows challenge acceptance and courage to do it.

An ultimate story shared by Skydive Dubai which is breathtaking and fill you with thrill. Enjoy another thrilling story which has taken my breath-out.


Watch this awesome compilation of some insanely lucky people. People who escaped miraculosly from freak car accidents, Train accidents, motorcycle accidents, and some insane sport stunts. This is probably the best compilation I have ever seen.


Were you ever in such a crazy situation. Do write to us in the comments below and share with us. Geez.. Goose bumps all over

Remya Jose is an innovator. With a bright mind like hers, she came up with the most innovative washing machine ever. The winning USP of her innovation, her washing machine doesn’t run on electricity but manpower. Few minutes of exercising on this red-hot machine & you’ll end up saving electricity, burn off massive calories & get squeaky-clean clothes!
Now that’s an innovation no one ever thought of. Except her, that is!


Named after Clint Eastwood, Edmund Thomas Clint was an Indian child prodigy who was born in the town of Kochi in Kerala. Even though he died at the age of 7, due to a kidney failure, he is known for having drawn over 25,000 paintings during his short life. Normally, it would take years of analytical study and training to draw such paintings. But Clint started drawing at 2 and had painted some of his best works by the time he died. It is documented that  at the age of 5, he secured first place in a competition held for painters below the age of 18. Can you imagine where he would be if he were still alive?

Watch the first 30 seconds of this video. You’ll be hooked.


Deep into The Amazing Spider-Man 2, my 11-year-old companion was confused about a certain plot point — justifiably, I’d say — and demanded an immediate and thorough explanation.

“Shh, not now. Later!” I hissed. Because, though I didn’t admit it, I really didn’t want to miss an Andrew Garfield-Emma Stone kiss. And who knew when the next one was coming?

With great chemistry, you see, comes great kissing.

Let’s just say this unequivocally: Whether or not my young Spidey fan would agree, the best thing about the The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the second installment of director Marc Webb’s series reboot, is that infectious chemistry between Garfield and Stone. In fact, given that this overstuffed, overly long film is a sequel to a sequel, and that it spends a gazillion dollars retelling a story (in 3-D and IMAX) that the world already knows, you could argue that the Garfield-Stone dynamic is the real justification for the whole enterprise.

This isn’t just because the two happen to be real-life partners — though it can’t hurt. Garfield is a sensitive actor who brings a quirky blend of intelligence and goofiness to Peter Parker, and a welcome hipster edge to the role that the wide-eyed Tobey Maguire didn’t have in the earlier incarnation of the Marvel character.

As for Stone, she’s just so darned charming. And though it’s again a stretch to imagine her as a high school student, heck, we’ll take it. (In fact, Stone is 25 and Garfield is 30, so we’re just gonna have to give them a pass on this. At least they get their diplomas this time.)

Another winning presence is that of Sally Field, touching as the now-widowed Aunt May. The reliable Field gets one terrifically emotional scene with Peter that may have you reaching for a tissue.

As for the plot, though, that may have you reaching for a notepad. There are not one, not two, but three villains (at least!) here, and all sorts of backstories — something for everyone, which means too much.

The most important backstory involves Peter’s parents, and what really happened to them once they abandoned him as a tot (hint: it involves a very fast-paced plane ride).

Back on terra firma, we start with an even faster-paced urban chase involving Spider-Man, a hammy, Russian-accented Paul Giamatti, and some plutonium, distracting Peter/Spidey from Gwen, who’s anxiously awaiting Peter’s arrival at their graduation.

Peter does arrive, miraculously, but we quickly learn that the key obstacle to their relationship remains in place: Peter’s fear of putting Gwen in harm’s way. Haunted, Peter just can’t commit (they always have an excuse, right?) Not surprisingly, Gwen gets very charmingly annoyed, and kinda sorta breaks up with him. But these two can’t stay apart for long.

Meanwhile, there are big goings-on at Oscorp, that huge bioengineering corporation headed by Norman Osborn. With Norman on his deathbed, son Harry (Dane DeHaan) Peter’s old buddy, returns from boarding school. The pale, wiry DeHaan is entertainingly creepy as he descends into desperation.

Then there’s the unappreciated Oscorp employee Max Dillon (Jamie Foxx). When he falls into a vat of mutant electric eels (OSHA would have a field day at Oscorp), he morphs into Electro, a glowing monster who can manipulate electricity and suck the power from a whole city (Foxx is more convincing as the villain than the self-effacing scientist).

In this age of multi-tasking, Peter/Spidey sure has his work cut out for him — taking care of New York, of Gwen, and of the endearingly curious Aunt May, who, in a funny moment, wonders why, when Peter does the laundry, he turns all the clothes red and blue?

Where will it all end? Well, at least two more sequels (to the sequel, to the sequel) are planned, and any number of future confrontations loom. Which of the villains will re-emerge to challenge Spidey?

Shh, not now. Later! We’re thinking about that kiss.

the amazing spider-man 2 movie review

Mercedes Shows Off The Insane Lifting Power Of Its Heavy Duty Trucks


When you need to haul massive amounts of stuff plucked from inside the Earth, what do you use? That type of job typically calls for a massive mining hauler, which basically looks like a dump truck scaled up by a factor of ten. These are insanely large machines that can crush the scales with weights of between 180 tons on up to over 300 tons.

What happens when you need to transport one of these machines? They can’t simply be driven between job sites. Another vehicle is needed for the gig, and it might just surprise you.

Mercedes-Benz recently posted a photo to its Twitter account showing one such vehicle. It’s called the Mercedes-Benz Actros, and it’s capable of hauling up to 250 tons. That sounds quite impressive, but the photo really puts everything into perspective.

No, your dually can’t pull off this same trick.


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The Story Of A Soccer Player Born With One Leg… Incredible New World Cup Commercial..

Powerade made the best World Cup commercial we’ve seen so far.

It tells the life story Nico Calabria, a 19-year-old soccer player who was born with one leg.

The ad is almost entirely composed of home video from his childhood. It shows him as a toddler, frustrated and struggling to grasp how to play sports with his disability, and then eventually as a high school soccer player who’s deadly on free kicks.

Nico has already climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, and he’ll play in the Amputee World Cup in the fall.